Three separate topics are discussed in greater detail.  These stand by themselves, and are presented to show the particular impact each has upon the evolutionary process of man.  The Bailey series will devote an entire volume or volumes to each topic.

(a)       THE REAPPEARANCE OF THE WORLD TEACHER as the coming avatar that has been expected by many religious groups all over the world is put in better perspective.  Emphasis is made upon the present world turmoil involving the breaking down of outmoded social or political institutions and customs.  Thus the sweeping changes we see in the world of today actually represent humanity putting its own house in order in preparation for the new Age of Aquarius.  This brief summary brings out the more subjective aspects of this event that never-the-less stands right before our eyes, and which will in turn present a much different picture of this controversial topic when compared to the perennial religious view.

(b)      ASTROLOGY is a vast subject that is largely untouched in this book, but this section will draw out the mostly unknown subjective side as it affects the evolutionary process of man.  The symbology as well as the effects of the individual constellations are discussed, and the profound influence they have upon mankind.  The relationship of the zodiacal constellations to the process involving the various initiations is brought out.

(c)       THE DISEASE PROCESS, its origins as well as its relation to the evolutionary process is addressed.  There are three phases that relate to our three bodies of consciousness and their development.  Then the incidence of seven forms of a particular disease (reflecting the influence of the seven rays) as brought out through the symptoms displayed, and noted from differing bacterial or viral forms found.  Finally the influence of body type with inference to ray makeup during its formation is also discussed.

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