Part I: Concepts

The Three Aspects and their relation to the Trinity we know from church are presented.  If you have not previously met these new concepts they will seem strange and unreal.  In the course of time readers will apprehend just how these concepts actually begin to make sense, and this activity in itself mirrors the evolutionary process. Some of the more basic concepts are:

(a)   Everything we see in the universe is part of the Deva (angelic) evolution which is the Third Aspect in total, the Mother. Similarly, everything having to do with man, animal or plant is entirely non-material from a life and consciousness point of view, and these all belong to the Second Aspect, the Son.  In this context, we humans as well as the lives of other kingdoms must use a form or vehicle supplied by the Deva evolution to exist objectively.  The form that we see incorporates the needed physical sensory apparatus necessary for the particular evolutionary level of that existence.  So, what we are is expressed through the form we occupy, and we inturn identify with that form.  The First Aspect, the Father, is known only by the effects of it’s manifestation.

(b)   The evolutionary process is actually dual in nature.  The life and consciousness that we are is slowly developing or evolving lifetime by lifetime, incarnation by incarnation.  The form we utilize must also be developing and evolving, and that form is part of the world of the Deva evolution.  An understanding of the deva evolution is something that develops with time.

(c)   The physical states of matter we know are delineated, and this will bring to the reader the initial realization as to how the subjective worlds are constructed.  The subject of the four ethers is then launched, and applied to the greater scheme through analogy.  This approach utilizes the occasional points of corroboration that appear throughout the Bailey books.  In this way the nature of the subjective worlds may be brought into focus.  Additional insight may be found in the companion website

(d)   The concept of energy as expressed through the Seven Rays is approached.  This is an energy form presently unknown to our science.  Ray energies are perceived by man only through their effects, and it is the impact of ray energies upon the matter aspect that gives rise to the living, vibrant world that we experience.

(e)   These seven forms of energy in the universe are the basis of all manifestation because they represent the Father aspect.  The animal kingdom utilizes five of these in its form nature, and involves a group soul.  The nervous system of animal man is structured in this manner.  In the human kingdom, man has a constitution that utilizes all seven rays, and man now has an individual soul.  This is what forever separates him from the animal kingdom.

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