Part III: The Subjective Worlds

This section opens the door into the worlds in which man will exist far in the future.  In this existence he will no longer have a body of dense physical plane matter.  It will instead be a body constructed of etheric matter, presently invisible to the vision of most people.  The following concepts are covered in this part.

(a)     First, there is a discussion of our planetary Hierarchy.  It describes the origin and purpose of this organization that even now remains hidden from us.  Many of the Masters that are now members of Hierarchy were well known beings over the past history of many thousands of years.  Each of these men has gone beyond the reincarnational life of the three lower worlds that we are yet part of.

(b)      Interaction between humanity and Hierarchy is described.  This mostly occurs outside the range of our human consciousness, hence our lack of awareness of this group of Masters.  They are Masters in the sense that they have demonstrated mastery over life in the three lower worlds.  The lives of two particular individuals, Madam Blavatsky and Alice Bailey are discussed, as these two widely known persons effectively portray the nature of the Hierarchical contact and its purpose.

(c)       The nature of an avatar is discussed for these are the beings that provide the bridge that connects humanity with the subjective spiritual worlds.  These beings serve to bring new teaching or illumination to humanity, and they exist at all levels of consciousness, from human to cosmic.

(d)      Principal members of the Hierarchy are listed by their ray of association, and in some cases their work is outlined.  Some that have a more widely known historical relationship to humanity are covered in greater detail.

(e)       The planetary center Shamballa is described in its more objective terms.  The beings that are associated with this center are discussed because this is the most direct way to construct useful concepts regarding that center.  The nature of the “Seven Spirits Before The Throne” is discussed for this group is even mentioned in the Bible.

(f)        The endocrine system is a biochemical system comprised of seven glands that supply a number of hormones through the blood and circulatory system.  This system allows the life process of the invisible, subjective bodies to act upon the physical body.  The complex interrelation-ships between endocrine glands, their various feedback modes, their operation during different phases of the life process is not a product of natural selection.

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